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When you talk about marketing strategies, you talk about three major things and they are Content, Products, and Social Media. Most marketers place a high value on social media because it helps them greatly to move their business ahead and bring it to the limelight.

Before now, marketers depended on conventional way of marketing to sell their products but in this computer age, social media has taken over. It can be used to reach everyone, anywhere not minding the kind of business you into. That too does not undermine the fact that many people know that social media promotes their businesses but do not know how to make use of it very well. Some people spend many hours on social media and at the end, little gain is made; this is because they don’t know how to make efficient use of it.

In this article, we shall present you with some ways through which you can save time on social media and still be more resourceful.

    1. Dividing Your Works Into Groups Is Always the Best: When tasks are divided into groups, it helps to move it ahead in a number of ways. You will know the particular group you are working with at any point in time so your attention won’t be divided. It also makes your work simpler because switching from one task to another is exhausting and wastes so much time. This also helps you not to miss anything. When you are working on different things at the same time, there is a tendency that you might miss out some, but when the tasks are grouped, it becomes more difficult to miss out anyone.


    Grouping helps you to save time in a number of ways in social media.

    1. You can come up with different posts stored somewhere from which you can be taking them one by one to use. The social network you want to base on will determine the kind of post you would gather together. Source for contents related to your business that would attract customers, if you get those that are not attractive, it will turn their attention away. You can as well create a corner where you would be posting news on things your customers love reading.
    1. Set out specific time you can use to make your posts. Once it is that time, you log in and make all the posts you need to make. It wastes a lot of time to be logging in every time just to make posts. You can set aside beginning of the week and make all your posts in all the social media you are using, it does not still undermine the fact that you can once in a while make an update before it is time for the next post to come up.
      Also, plan to share each post you make at least once, this will enable those that did not see the first one to see it. Dedicate some minutes each day to check and reply any response or message to your posts. In a case where you are always getting messages and responses to your posts, it is better you employ someone that would be helping in attending to that so you can concentrate on other things. If the person encounters something that needs your attention, he can contact you

  1. Understand What You Want To Achieve

You should be able to know what you want to achieve in social media before you start using it so you don’t get distracted wasting your time where you are not supposed to. If you do not have any specific thing in mind, social media can become a time waster.

The purpose you want to achieve can be to gain followers

to achieve this, you have to follow people first, and then others will follow you back. Then post interesting things so that they will not unfollow you as time goes on.

If your goal is to compel traffic and leads

this is actually the main reason, companies use social media. It helps to drive traffic to their websites and those traffics would eventually turn to leads. To achieve this, try posting links occasionally to your posts on social media. You can also share your posts with other groups together with your links. You can look for trending keywords and questions in your group and then post a related article on that keyword or answer the questions with a link to your site.

If it is a relationship you want to build

then find out the major influencers and get in touch with them. Getting in touch with everyone will make you end up not achieving anything because you might not be able to respond to all at the same time. So it is better you get the most important ones that can help build your business and respond to their messages. Do not take more than you can handle at a time.

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The most important thing that makes social media move forward is being consistent. If you put your hands in 5 or 6 different social networks and at the end, you are not able to manage all of them, it becomes a problem. So it is better you start with one or two and along the line, you can add more.


It would not be nice to get people following you and at the end, you will not be able to sustain them. This is one of the things that bring down businesses.

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